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Pros and Cons of Home Massage

Written By:
Daniel King

“I just want a good massage.” I hear this all the time from my home massage clients. In my years as a massage therapist I’ve found that many clients are tired of taking their chances with a random massage therapist at spas. Clients say, “it’s hit or miss” when it comes to the quality of their massage at a spa. And as a massage therapist and a receiver of massages, the worst feeling is paying for a massage that is disappointing. This makes sense to me. We use the same doctor, dentist, plumber and hair stylist, why wouldn’t we use the same massage therapist? The growing trend is welcoming a massage into your own home, which can be an incredible experience.

Pros of Home Massage

You can hand pick your massage therapist.
Whether you find them at a spa, on the web, or through a referral you can pick your massage therapist. I often tell my clients that once you find a good massage therapist be faithful to them. Good massage therapists are sometimes hard to find, so cherish them when you find one, and I promise they will certainly give you a good massage all the time.

During a home massage you can tailor your massage.
I make an effort to customize a specific massage for each client because I want patrons to feel like they’re getting more than they pay for. This is good for clients that have specific injuries and ailments that need special attention. In some instances, clients have requested that I spend an entire 90 minutes working on their shoulders. A request like this would cost more in a spa. So for one price, clients can get a deep tissue, thai, sports, or just the best relaxing Swedish massage.

Another pro of the home massage is convenience.
There’s nothing like getting home from your long day at work and not having to leave to relax. After your massage you will be feet away from passing out in your own bed. Forget driving back home in traffic, no getting redressed, or dealing with the many things in our life that cause us stress.

Cons of Home Massage

A drawback of a home massage is unavailable massage therapists.
I have gained many new clients because their past home massage therapists were unreliable. A spa takes appointments 9 am to 9 pm every day. You can rely on a spa to have a massage therapist available.

A lack of amenities when comparing a spa to home massage. Most of us don’t have a bubbling jacuzzi and hot steam pouring into our lungs to get us ready for our rubdown. And most homes lack that overall ambiance of sound, smell, taste, and touch of a spa that is hard to emulate with a home massage. There are amazing spas that go above and beyond to create an utopian environment so patrons can go beyond the realms of relaxation. Because sometimes we have to escape our own homes in order to relax.

The best advice I can give, is to enjoy the best of both worlds. Get a massage twice a month. Once at the luxury of a spa and once at the comfort of you’re own home.

Daniel King is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist with more than 7 years experience in the massage and spa industry. To his credit, he has given over 5,000 massages in his lifetime.

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Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) fue inventado por el ingeniero suizo Karl Müller, mbt sandalias durante una visita a Corea, se encontró caminando descalzo en los arrozales aliviaba su dolor Mbt de espalda. Volver a Suiza, Karl Müller comenzó a desarrollar una tecnología descalzo, el suelo debe ser difícil de caminar gente de la ciudad, crear una similar de Corea del Sur arrozales o el Oriente sabana africana suelo blando estado Mbt zapatos online no suave, después de años de minuciosa investigación y desarrollo, los zapatos zapato mbt Finalmente, en 1996 el mercado. Se venden en más de 20 países, las ventas anuales de este revolucionario producto es de alrededor de un millón de pares. zapatos baratos MBT quiere ayudar a personas de todo el mundo tienen una más sana, vida activa y feliz. MBT creen que la condición física y la salud en gran parte afectada por el camino a pie, este punto de vista ha sido confirmado por el número de investigaciones científicas.

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MBT unikke sål struktur Mbt hvid gør bæreren er i et naturligt stabil tilstand, men gennem den resterende del af bevægelsen, der er ved at øge muskel aktivitet, blive elimineret. Forskningen vil knæet iført mbt sko gå mindske presset 19.% (Nigg2004). Her vil jeg anbefale du bære MBT sundhed sko lilla. MBT rabat bruges til at lindre smerter og hårdt arbejde, du bærer denne sko, vil du ikke få nogen smerte, selvom du havde til at stå hele dagen til at gå på arbejde. mbt sandaler har bragt os de fordele, der er beskrevet nedenfor under den mbt billige salg unik struktur, virkelig vanedannende. MBT er designet til at efterligne gå i blødt sand. Det skaber en flerlags og kurve kun naturligt ujævn gå overflade. MBT sundhed sko hvide på grund af den patenterede teknologi MBT sko bidrage til at styrke centrale muskler, hvilket gør dem mere aktive og form. Fordi det hjælper at gå tilbage i form normal.