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My First Time - Reflexology

I was very hesitant the day one of my girlfriends suggested I try reflexology for my back pain. After a little back and forth, I figured since no doctor has been able to help in 3 years I might as well try it. No harm right? I wasn’t expecting to actually feel better or see any results, but was happy to assuage my friend.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the office. Okay, I was expecting the décor to be 21st Century hippie with lots of waterfalls, incense burning and new age music playing. Boy was I wrong. The atmosphere was relaxing and professional; decorated like my cardiologist’s office, lots of charts and journals everywhere. This set my mind at ease… for a little while at least. Having done no research on reflexology I didn’t know what to expect.

I was called into the specialist’s office and told to take off my shoes. The specialist then gave me a little background on the history of reflexology and what to expect. Reflexology is the act of applying pressure to the feet and hands without oil or lotion. There goes my dream of getting a little foot massage during lunch. After a brief history I was told that the session would last about 30 minutes and to lie down on the table on my back. I expected to tell the specialist why I was there but he said he would find out soon enough. And then the examination began by his studying the tops and bottoms of my feet. He did so without any touching.

After careful inspection, he applied gentle pressure to specific parts of my foot while pointing out the corresponding organ on a very colorful “foot map” on the wall. Although this is not anywhere close to a foot massage, the application of pressure is not uncomfortable. Then he touched a specific point, looked me straight in the eye and said, “wow your back must give you a lot of pain.”

Maybe I’m jaded but I didn’t think anyone could find out I had back trouble by touching my feet. And I was wrong. He spent a few minutes working on that spot and I could feel my back relax. Amazing. How could this be possible? How am I feeling more pain relief from applying pressure to my foot than I did with my prescription pain medication and muscle relaxers, I guess the specialist has dealt with skepticism before because he laughed and said, “I take it you came in here expecting nothing at all.” At least I wasn’t the only skeptical patient he ever had.

After the half hour was up I felt completely relaxed. Not only did my back feel better than it had in months but I felt less stressed out in general. This is not a miracle cure as my back regressed the next day, but I am definitely going back for more reflexology. After this experience, I’m more open to other alternative treatments.

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