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The Horstmann Technique

Many individuals have limited joint and muscle flexibility, which contributes to pain and can significantly impact their daily lives. Generally, these individuals have tried a variety of the traditional therapeutic options with little to no success.. In the end, many people turn to alternative therapies, like the Horstmann Technique, in an attempt to relieve the pain.

The Horstmann Technique is an energy-based vibrational medicine therapy which facilitates healing and wellness through the release of blockages. The blockages can contribute to increase pain or stiffness, which can be based on physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

Those who practice the Horstmann Technique believe that connective tissue can store blocked energy from unresolved issues. Many believe that negative experiences are held in parts of the muscular system of the pelvic, shoulders and feet. These blocked negative energies contribute to lower back and hip problems. These energy blocks, which can be held in the sacrum area, cause problems such as imbalances in biochemistry and behavior responses which can produce disharmony in the body's energy system. This can lead individuals to develop illnesses which cause pain. Undergoing the Horstmann Technique can lead to positive structural changes and release emotional blockages within the physical body. The Horstmann Technique has be known to help release blocked energy in individuals who have unacknowledged pains, fears and unhealed structural strains and injuries which they’ve ignored or block out of their mind.

The Horstmann Technique is a bodywork therapy consisting of Ileosacral Release, Arm & Shoulder Release, Foot Release and Self Sabotage Release processes. Ileosacral Release can produce rapid positive results for structural problems in the hip and lower back. It can also help to alleviate blockages in the lower back, hip and other areas often giving immediate relief. The Arm and Shoulder Release technique can release acquired structural problems such as tennis elbow. The Arm and Shoulder Release can provide immediate relief from tension in the upper body and address issues such as RSI, tennis-elbow, frozen shoulder and neck pain or stiffness. The Foot Release Technique releases blockages with special emphasis on the spinal and foot reflexes. Finally, the Self Sabotage Release Technique deals with emotional and psychological patterns that usually form in early years and can affect the lives as adults, preventing individuals from living a normal life.

Many energy healers, therapists and body workers find the Horstmann Technique an effective addition to their clinical work. Many therapists will also use the techniques in conjunction with other traditional and non traditional techniques. Non-therapists can attend Horstmann workshops and receive training to learn skills to help their family and friends alleviate pain. During the procedure, the client lies down on a massage table fully dressed. The therapist then holds specific points on the client's clothed body while moving their leg, arm or foot. Significant changes may occur in one session, but more lasting results occur with subsequent sessions. The sessions, generally an hour in length, have been said to be relaxing and painless. The Horstmann Technique, if performed correctly, has been known to help those who are feeling pain.

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Miller, Nelson among hoops Hall inductees

She was the first person he called after he got the call. And Cheryl Miller will be on stage to present her brother, Reggie, when he is inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

It's an honor that can only go to a previous inductee.

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Reggie Miller will be honored on Friday night along with longtime coach Don Nelson, Nike co-founder Phil Knight and nine others in the biggest induction class in more than 50 years. The former Indiana Pacers star joins big sister Cheryl, a 1995 inductee who is 20 months his elder, to form the first brother-sister pair in the Springfield shrine.

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"If you were going to tell me you would have two Hall of Famers from the same family, I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy," Reggie Miller said Thursday after a ceremony in which the inductees were presented with their Hall of Fame blazers.

"Without Cheryl's hard work and dedication to the game of basketball, I don't know if I would ever be on this stage. She's the reason why I'm here."

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A five-time All-Star and 1996 Olympic gold medalist, Reggie Miller retired as the leading 3-point shooter in NBA history and one of the most clutch players in the history of the league. Beloved in Indiana, where he spent his entire 18-year career, he is remembered in New York with equal parts respect and revulsion for scoring eight points in 8.9 seconds to beat the Knicks in a 1995 playoff game.

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His competitiveness was developed in childhood games with Cheryl and their three other siblings - not just basketball in the driveway, but also Monopoly or Uno or Risk or dominoes (Darrell Miller made the major leagues as a catcher, and sister Tammy was a high school track star who played volleyball in college).

"No one messed with the Millers," Reggie said. "And we always had each other's back. I guess that's what family is all about."

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Also on stage receiving their Hall of Fame jackets on Thursday were Don Nelson, the winningest coach in NBA history, and Nike co-founder Phil Knight. Ralph Sampson, the only three-time college player of the year, and Jamaal Wilkes, who won two NCAA titles at and four in the NBA, are also among the honorees.

Also to be inducted are seven-time NBA All-Star Chet Walker; the All American Redheads, known as the female Harlem Globetrotters; two-time Olympic gold medalist Katrina McClain; former Soviet women's coach Lidia Alexeeva, who was undefeated in 17 years of international play; the late Don Barksdale, the first black player on the U.S. Olympic team and in the NBA All-Star game; two-time NBA MVP Mel Daniels, and longtime NCAA referee Hank Nichols.

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Although most Hall of Famers profess to be surprised when they get the call, Knight made a good case for it: He didn't even know there was a "contributors" category, so he never considered the possibility that he would be inducted. He will be presented for induction by Michael Jordan and former Georgetown coach John Thompson.

"Nobody ever had two better presenters," Knight said while sitting in front of a 16-by-23 shoe wall of Nike high-tops mounted to look like an American flag. "It's almost like that old TV show `This is Your Life.' You look back then, with Michael Jordan and John Thompson and the 40 years you've been a part of this, it's been a fabulous ride."

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Nelson won five NBA titles as a Boston Celtics player and 1,335 games during 31 years on the bench in Milwaukee, Golden State, New York and Dallas. Then he retired and disappeared to Hawaii, where he is an entrepreneur with rental properties, a shaved ice stand, coffee plants and koa trees.

Sampson was the only person to win The Associated Press player of the year award three times, from 1981-83 for Virginia. He was the No. 1 overall draft pick by the Houston Rockets and averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds per game as the 1984 rookie of the year.

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But knee problems hampered him, his numbers soon declined and he lasted just nine years, the last four as a part-time player. By 2003, he was $300,000 behind in child support and in prison on a two-month sentence after pleading guilty to mail fraud.

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"I've not been around over the last several years," Sampson said after slipping on his oversized blazer. "But you can't hide 7-foot-4."

Nichols refereed six NCAA championship games and 10 Final Fours, as well as two Olympics and the European championships. After leaving the court, he became the NCAA's national coordinator for officials.

He was introduced to a warm ovation.

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"Unaccustomed as I am to hearing applause when my name is said," he said, "I have so many different emotions it's difficult to articulate them."www.highheelsonlinecheap.com

Now Carol Vorderman does Kim Kardashian in body-con bandage dress... and Parky approves!

She's always had a head for figures - and now Carol Vorderman seems keen to show off her own at every opportunity at the moment.

The former Countdown star has been seen out in a series of incredibly curve-hugging dresses over the past few days, including this latest silver Herve Leger Bandage creation - a style favoured by the similarly hourglass Kim Kardashian.

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The star, 49, was leaving BBC's Television Centre in London last night when she was snapped in the attention-grabbing outfit.

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Passerby Michael Parkinson was so taken with her look he even tried to waltz her into the Galaxy Book Awards, which took place last night.

The former chat show host gallanty kissed her hand after getting to grips with his shapely friend in in a big bear hug.

Herve Leger Bandage Dresses

Yesterday, Carol stepped out in an equally unforgiving Victoria Beckham frock that many stars half her age would baulk at wearing.

And at the Pride Of Britain Awards, which she presented on Monday night, she was wearing a revealing black bustier Suzanne Neville dress with Swarovski stones.

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At the Galaxy Book Awards meanwhile, Stephen Fry triumphed over tomes by Tony Blair and Lord Sugar to land the biography of the year titles.

He was honoured for his second volume of memoirs, The Fry Chronicles, at a ceremony attended by stars and figures from the publishing world.

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Literary veterans Terry Pratchett and Martin Amis were given awards for outstanding achievement in recognition of their contribution to the publishing industry.

Amis, famed for books such as Money and London Fields, said he was 'delighted' with the gong, adding: 'I take this is as a boost for the so-called comic novel. I say so-called, because in fact nearly all novels are comic novels.'

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Pratchett - the Discworld novelist who has been battling Alzheimer's - said of his win: 'I'm amazed. You find something that you like doing and do well and keep on doing it and suddenly they give you an award, when all I was really doing was having a lot of fun.'

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Political broadcaster Andrew Marr landed the non-fiction prize for The Making Of Modern Britain, beating fellow nominees including Lady Antonia Fraser and Bill Bryson.

Popular fiction book of the year went to David Nicholls' One Day, beating the likes of Jilly Cooper, while Hilary Mantel picked up the UK author of the year prize, seeing off competition from Maggie O'Farrell and Kate Atkinson.

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Yotam Ottolenghi outperformed Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Nigel Slater meanwhile to food and drink book prize for Plenty.

Best children's book was Zog by the celebrated creators of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. Their tale about an accident-prone dragon beat comedian David Walliams's book Mr Stink.

Cheap Herve Leger dress

American author Jonathan Franzen - who became a worldwide sensation for his book The Corrections - collected the International Author of the Year trophy for Freedom.

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Also on the red carpet were former Coronation Street star Hayley Tamaddon, Alan Davies and his wife Katie Maskell, and Strictly and Film 2010 presenter Claudia Winkleman.

Jordan's presence intrigues crowd at Bobcats practice

One of the roughly 1,500 spectators who turned out for the Charlotte Bobcats’ open practice and scrimmage Thursday seemed to almost draw as much attention as the events unfolding on Kimmel Arena’s floor.

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A steady stream of fans lined a stairway nearest Michael Jordan’s seat waiting their turn to snap a photo of the team owner who’s best known for dominating the NBA in the 1980s and ’90s after he led North Carolina to the NCAA national championship in 1982.

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Wearing a black shirt and dark pants, Jordan sat on the bottom row near a corner exit and watched the 1 1/2 hour session. But after Cory Higgins’ sudden-death free throw in extra time gave the White squad a 71-70 win, Jordan slipped out without signing autographs.

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Many of the about 60 fans who’d shelled out $100 apiece for a VIP meet-and-greet with Bobcats executives before the scrimmage sat one section from Jordan and frequently looked to their left for a glimpse of the five-time NBA MVP. Though they received no guarantee Jordan would attend the event or scrimmage, several mentioned his name when asked why they attended.

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“I’m here to see Michael,” said Charles Monroe, an Asheville resident who brought a commemorative Sports Illustrated issue with Jordan on the cover in hopes of getting an autograph.

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“I’m a lifelong Carolina fan,” Monroe said. “We were going to try and get some tickets to go down to UNC for our wedding anniversary, but my wife (Kristy) said, ‘Here, this is the next-best thing.’”

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Monroe said he enjoyed the lively practice and close game. Asked if he was disappointed about not getting Jordan’s autograph, he smiled and said: “It’s all good.”

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Cory Penland, of Fletcher, brought his seven-year-old son Cole to the meet-and-greet. Even though he wasn’t born when Jordan retired from the game (2003), Cole said the reason he came was: “because I want to meet Michael Jordan and the coaches and players.”

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Fans who didn’t attend the VIP event weren’t charged admission.

Jami Bratu was one of the many fans thrilled to snap a photo of the celebrity from close range.

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“I think it’s awesome,” said Bratu, who lives in Hendersonville. “He’s a Carolina boy. (For him) to come to the Western North Carolina area is pretty awesome because sometimes we’re like the abandoned stepchild of North Carolina.”

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UNC Asheville athletic director Janet Cone said the VIP event raised about $6,000 for the Bulldogs’ student-athlete scholarship fund.

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She approached Jordan during the scrimmage, spoke to him for a few minutes then introduced chancellor Anne Ponder to him. Jordan did not grant media interviews.

Nike SB Swoosh High Heels

“I thanked him for allowing his organization to choose our city and our university and also to ask him what he thought,” Cone said. “He said, ‘Everybody’s been wonderful, whether it’s been on campus or at the hotel or restaurants.’”

Ken Griffey Jr. should address his retirement publicly

Plenty of talk these days about whether Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu is playing for his job night after night. And there should be, considering the overall feel his team is giving off about him. The Mariners are two more losses away from being double digits out of the AL West lead in a year in which they told fans to "Believe Big'' and made off-season moves -- trading for Cliff Lee and unloading Brandon Morrow for bullpen help -- that seemed to signal they were taking a shot at contending.

So, Wakamatsu would have been blamed in any event for the failure of his team to achieve expectations.

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But there is more to it than that. More and more, there are questions being raised about whether Wakamatsu is losing his grip on the clubhouse. Certainly, the comments by Ian Snell and Chone Figgins in recent days haven't helped.

But more than anything they've said, it's the non comments by Ken Griffey Jr. that are hurting Wakamatsu the most.

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It was a week ago today that Griffey abruptly retired on the team without so much as a word to Wakamatsu or general manager Jack Zduriencik. Some have tried to explain it away as Griffey being Griffey and not wanting to make a fuss, or distract his teammates.

Well, guess what? He's caused a fuss and created a major distraction.

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He knows this. They discovered the internet in Orlando a long time ago and it doesn't take a week to drive there from Seattle.

Griffey is well aware of what people have been saying and writing about him. His agent for years has been quick to monitor and attempt to diffuse any negative situation involving his client. Just last week, the agent, Brian Goldberg, speaking by phone from a cocktail party, let it be known to reporters that he had never actually said Griffey would be returning to the Mariners in an off-field job this year -- an impression that had been given hours earlier in an Associated Press report.

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But as of right now, following nearly a week of reports, including some by me, that Griffey left the team in a huff after he and Wakamatsu had stopped speaking to one another, there has been no attempt by said agent to set the record straight. Most importantly, not a word from Griffey.

And that's too bad, because his non-action is hanging his manager out to dry.

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Nike Air Max2 CB 94

Let's face it, all of this Wakamatsu-is-in-danger talk began right after Griffey left. The bad vibes in the clubhouse? As Buster Olney said on the radio yesterday, you can trace most of that back to Griffey.

Griffey wasn't the same after the whole SleepGate controversy. His playing time was drastically reduced soon after that, following some conversations that supposedly took place detailing what was about to happen, and he and Wakamatsu ceased talking in the days and weeks that followed.

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Wakamatsu's own problems in the clubhouse increased exponentially during this period. What were the exact origins of those problems? When exactly did they begin? Was it the day Griffey retired? The day SleepGate broke? I have no idea.

But Griffey is a main factor.

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griffeys 2012

And his continued silence, one week after retirement, is only fueling the speculation.

And frankly, what a shame. He's had a Hall of Fame career, but one that was destined to end in less glory that it began once he decided to return for one year too many. Not because of Wakamatsu. But because Griffey simply did not have it anymore. It's nice for his teammates to want a guy to be treated with respect, but let's get real here. The players already cost hitting coach Alan Cockrell his job. How many other jobs were going to be lost, in the front office and coaching staff, by the team continuing to trot out lineups that did not make a whole lot of practical sense?

Griffey was accorded all the respect he merited. He enjoyed a triumphant season in 2009 and was carried off the field to thunderous cheers from adoring fans. And when he did not take the obvious retirement cues last year, that his declining numbers were providing anyone who looked at them objectively, Griffey was still accorded the respect a player of his stature deserves.

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He was run out in the starting lineup day after day to give him a final shot at recovering his stroke, even as his OPS dwindled to the pitiful mid-.400s range. Just about any player with an OPS that low would have been benched, demoted or cut weeks earlier. As media criticism towards Wakamatsu and the front office grew, nobody said a bad word about Griffey. Even though, in major league baseball, it's the players who have to perform. Wakamatsu, Jack Zduriencik and everyone associated with the Mariners continued to sing Griffey's public praises even as his lineup presence dragged them down.

But there is a limit to what any team can take. Even from a Hall of Famer. There is no rule that says a Hall of Famer gets to keep having uninterrupted "Farewell Tours'' indefinitely. Griffey's one Mulligan of a Farewell Tour came last year, when he posted the third-worst OPS by any regular designated hitter in the league.

He was shown respect and given the chance to leave gracefully.

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But this year, he took a risk and came back. And sometimes, risks don't pan out.

It is unreasonable for Griffey to have expected the Mariners to keep on playing him when one coach had already been fired. And when the logical decision was finally made to bench him, nobody held a press conference to announce it. Nobody tried to humiliate him.

Griffey could no longer reasonably expect to get anything but a handful of DH starts per month by that point. And if that wasn't going to be enough to keep his hitting skills sharp -- and for most players, it wouldn't be -- then it was up to him to make the tough call and retire. Yes, I know this is not an easy decision for most players, especially the all-time greats. But sometimes, you have to make the tough calls. Not force others to make that call for you.

Now, given his silence in the week since, we can only assume that Griffey did leave in a huff.

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Maybe there is more to this than is being made public? That's always a possibility. Perhaps Griffey is angry at more than simply not playing and the fact that he and Wakamatsu had stopped speaking to each other. Last I checked, though, talking and not talking to somebody is a two-way street.

Whatever the problem was, it's a shame that Griffey has let it get to this point by staying silent and letting the speculation swirl.

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Because not only is it putting a cloud over the end of a career that millions of his fans want to properly celebrate, but it's also putting the career of his former manager at risk. A manager that Griffey shared a close relationship with during much of their time together. The clubhouse cleanup from 2008 was engineered by Griffey to a large extent, but also with help from others, like Mike Sweeney, and by Wakamatsu and his coaching staff.

Wakamatsu didn't suddenly go from being a manager players respected last season to being a different guy this year. But he's having a tough time now and Griffey is at the epicenter of it.

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And now, with Wakamatsu's team teetering on the brink, Griffey is the one guy who can make the situation better by helping to diffuse it. He's had a week to cool off. A week to put his career in the proper perspective of a guy who hit 630 home runs and dazzled for years with his fielding. Not in the perspective of a 40-year-old with bad knees and a slow swing that could no longer catch up to major league pitching.

We all get old. That doesn't make us bad. And age is supposed to make us wiser. It gives us the ability to sweat the smaller stuff and focus on what truly matters in life.

Nike LeBron 9 South Beach

Maybe Griffey feels it's appropriate to stay silent and allow Wakamatsu to twist in the wind, both in public and in the clubhouse, because of events that transpired over his final weeks here.

If so, that's too bad.

Wakamatsu may have made mistakes this year. Actually, he's made several. But he is a good human being and Griffey knows this. And, until a few weeks ago, Wakamatsu was still universally lauded as a good manager. Maybe not Joe Torre or Bobby Cox or Tony LaRussa good. But good nonetheless.

Nike LeBron 9 P.S. Elite South Beach

And good men don't let other good men go down in flames. No matter how hurt their feelings may be. They find a way to work things out. At some point, you have to stop trying to win a fight that can't be won.

At some point, you have to be a Hall of Famer and rise above it all. Legions of Griffey fans would expect nothing less.www.kinggriffeyshoesonline.com

There's a place in Mariners' organization for Ken Griffey Jr. — after he apologizes

"His leave-taking last season was like something out of a country-western song.

Ken Griffey Jr. walked out of the Mariners' clubhouse last season without saying goodbye, without even leaving an explanatory note.

He got in his luxury vehicle and drove off into the night, leaving Seattle in his rearview mirror.

It was straight out of Nashville, all broken hearts and disillusionment.at www.griffeyshoes24online.com

Griffey felt he'd been disrespected by manager Don Wakamatsu, and instead of going into Wak's office and asking for an audience, Griffey just disappeared.

That night in early June was the beginning of the end of the 2010 season. Partly because of Griffey, the clubhouse became a house divided. Partly because of Griffey, Wakamatsu lost control of his team.

It was an ugly, unsatisfying way for Griffey to leave the franchise that birthed him. It left a hole in his legacy here.

At that time, I wondered if time would heal this wound, if the bitterness that Griffey felt toward the franchise, and the disappointment many fans felt in the way he departed, could be fixed.

I wondered if we'd ever see Griffey's stadium-lighting smile again inside Safeco Field.for www.griffeysonlineusa.com

But Tuesday the Mariners announced that Griffey has been hired as a "special consultant." According to the M's news release, he will be involved in major-league operations, player development, marketing, broadcasting and community relations.

He should arrive at their Peoria training camp some time in March. And the first thing he has to do if he's serious about staying in the organization is call a news conference and explain himself.from www.griffeys2012shipping.com

Before he becomes a Mariner again, he needs to tell the fans why he left the way he left and why, now, he has decided to return. He needs to fix his reputation."

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