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The Horstmann Technique

Many individuals have limited joint and muscle flexibility, which contributes to pain and can significantly impact their daily lives. Generally, these individuals have tried a variety of the traditional therapeutic options with little to no success.. In the end, many people turn to alternative therapies, like the Horstmann Technique, in an attempt to relieve the pain.

The Horstmann Technique is an energy-based vibrational medicine therapy which facilitates healing and wellness through the release of blockages. The blockages can contribute to increase pain or stiffness, which can be based on physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

Those who practice the Horstmann Technique believe that connective tissue can store blocked energy from unresolved issues. Many believe that negative experiences are held in parts of the muscular system of the pelvic, shoulders and feet. These blocked negative energies contribute to lower back and hip problems. These energy blocks, which can be held in the sacrum area, cause problems such as imbalances in biochemistry and behavior responses which can produce disharmony in the body's energy system. This can lead individuals to develop illnesses which cause pain. Undergoing the Horstmann Technique can lead to positive structural changes and release emotional blockages within the physical body. The Horstmann Technique has be known to help release blocked energy in individuals who have unacknowledged pains, fears and unhealed structural strains and injuries which they’ve ignored or block out of their mind.

The Horstmann Technique is a bodywork therapy consisting of Ileosacral Release, Arm & Shoulder Release, Foot Release and Self Sabotage Release processes. Ileosacral Release can produce rapid positive results for structural problems in the hip and lower back. It can also help to alleviate blockages in the lower back, hip and other areas often giving immediate relief. The Arm and Shoulder Release technique can release acquired structural problems such as tennis elbow. The Arm and Shoulder Release can provide immediate relief from tension in the upper body and address issues such as RSI, tennis-elbow, frozen shoulder and neck pain or stiffness. The Foot Release Technique releases blockages with special emphasis on the spinal and foot reflexes. Finally, the Self Sabotage Release Technique deals with emotional and psychological patterns that usually form in early years and can affect the lives as adults, preventing individuals from living a normal life.

Many energy healers, therapists and body workers find the Horstmann Technique an effective addition to their clinical work. Many therapists will also use the techniques in conjunction with other traditional and non traditional techniques. Non-therapists can attend Horstmann workshops and receive training to learn skills to help their family and friends alleviate pain. During the procedure, the client lies down on a massage table fully dressed. The therapist then holds specific points on the client's clothed body while moving their leg, arm or foot. Significant changes may occur in one session, but more lasting results occur with subsequent sessions. The sessions, generally an hour in length, have been said to be relaxing and painless. The Horstmann Technique, if performed correctly, has been known to help those who are feeling pain.

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