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My First Time

My friends and I decided we would splurge and get a massage. We’d heard a friend rave about a particular masseuse so we decided to give her a try. Since this was my first time getting a massage, this decision was a big deal to me. For some reason I always believed that massages were reserved for rich socialites with too much time and money on their hands.

When calling to book a reservation with my friend’s masseuse, I signed up for a 30 minutes session which I was told would cost sixty dollars. I reluctantly agreed and booked a Saturday morning appointment for my first massage.

Once I arrived to the parlor, I was immediately guided into the room and told to remove my outer clothing. I then put on a white robe and sat on the massage table, a bit nervous but excited about my upcoming session. The extremely nice massage therapist walked in after about five minutes and asked me if I had any medical symptoms or conditions. I told her no. I was just curious and wanted to know what was so special about massages.

She then told me to lie on the table, as she began to use weird oils and powders to massage the skin. In the beginning, it felt strange to have a woman rubbing my back. However, after a while the whole experience began to feel great. The therapist used a variety of strokes and applied deeper, focused pressure on the many knots in my back. I felt so relaxed and stress free.

After about 30 minutes, the masseuse backed away and ended the massage. I must admit I was a bit sad because I wanted the massage to last forever. My body felt so limber and relaxed! I didn’t even feel guilty giving the cashier 60 dollars of my money. That massage was worth at least 100 dollars.

That was my first and only massage but I do look forward to enjoying a good massage again. At first, I thought a massage was just a waste of money and activity reserved for the rich and famous. Now I see the therapeutic advantages of a massage because they can transform a lethargic body into one with more vigor and life.

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