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Daniel King

Alternative healing therapy has become a hot topic in today’s society. From massage therapy to acupuncture, alternative medicine has become an option to accompany the benefits of mainstream treatment. Reflexology is one such option that’s gained in popularity as its healing benefits have been recognized and accepted in the medical community.

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying pressure to your feet, ears and hands with specific finger techniques. It is based around a concept known as zone therapy, in which the massage is done within a system of zones and reflex areas of the body. The theory teaches that each part of the body is represented on the hands and feet and when you apply certain pressure to these areas, there is a therapeutic benefit to other parts of the body, thus improving general health.

The most common form of treatment is foot reflexology, with many professionals saying they’re able to detect, and sometimes treat, health problems elsewhere in the body through the art of foot reflexology. Reflexology charts of the hands, feet and sometimes ears can pinpoint exactly where portions of the body correspond with certain pressure points in each area. For example, a reflexology chart of the foot can chart exactly where the stomach, shoulder or kidneys correspond with areas on your foot. By applying pressure to these certain points reflexologists say they can sometimes bring relief or lessen stress to these particular areas of the body.

In addition to its touted healing benefits, reflexology is one of the more relaxing forms of massage therapy. At first it can seem somewhat painful as the reflexology therapist stimulates certain pressure points but soon after most patients report a soothing, pleasurable feeling around the points of pressure. Because of its stress-relieving qualities, this type of massage is instrumental in assisting your brain in releasing endorphins that help you feel happy and relaxed. This is another benefit to receiving reflexology massage therapy. An hour of good reflexology massage therapy should mimic a full body massage.

The study of reflexology, while new to modern society’s medical standards of acceptance, is actually an ancient art of healing that has been around for centuries. When used in conjunction with other forms of medical treatment it has numerous relaxing benefits to the body.

However, because it is somewhat new in its current form, there are no real standards for certification in place for licensed reflexologists. Instead, most massage therapists learn reflexology as part of an overall massage therapy curriculum. If you’re interested in whether or not this form of healing massage is right for you, discuss it with a licensed massage therapist. In most cases a reflexology session lasts for about an hour; two hours if the case is more involved. The full course of treatment depends on the medical need, which is established by your therapist during your initial consultation. You massage therapist can also provide you with further information on the art of reflexology and whether or not it will work for your specific medical needs.

Daniel King is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist with more than 7 years experience in the massage and spa industry. To his credit, he has given over 5,000 massages in his lifetime.

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