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Massage School - Where to Attend

Are you considering a career in massage therapy? Becoming a licensed massage professional is a very simple process, and many people begin their career in massage therapy in less than a year.

Accredited massage schools across the country offer hands-on training and comprehensive in-class instruction on a variety of massage modalities. Attending massage school is the first step in launching your career, and will help you gain the skills and experience you need to be successful. If you’re considering a career in massage therapy, here’s what you need to know about attending massage school:

How to become a Massage Therapist

The field of massage therapy has exploded in popularity in recent years. Massage therapy schools are seeing higher rates of admission than ever before, due in part to an increased demand for qualified therapists. In fact, health experts report the use of massage therapy has tripled in the last ten years, which further shows the need for more licensed massage therapists.

Pros and Cons of Spa Massage

There’s a debate about what massage is better. Is it the massage found in a spa or massage outlet or the massage brought to your home? In order to fully express which massage is better, I'll need room. Please indulge me.
Let’s begin with the pros and cons of a spa massage. In another article we can step into your house and talk about the benefits of a massage at home.

Pros and Cons of Home Massage

“I just want a good massage.” I hear this all the time from my home massage clients. In my years as a massage therapist I’ve found that many clients are tired of taking their chances with a random therapist at spas. Clients say, “it’s hit or miss” when it comes to the quality of their massage at a spa.