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Funding Your Massage Habit

Reviewed By:
Daniel King

While spas and massage clinics offer a variety of massage services, the total cost can be difficult to manage – especially if you need massage therapy on a weekly or monthly basis. Still, there are some simple ways to cut back on the cost of massage therapy so you can continue with your massage habit. From services at student clinics, to setting up a flexible spending account with your health insurance provider, here’s what you need to know:

Student Clinics for Massage

Student clinics are a great way to enjoy quality massage services at a discount. Student clinics can be found at most technical colleges and independent massage therapy schools. Setting up recurring appointments with students at these venues is a simple way to cut back on the total cost of massage therapy – up to 50-75% of the price you would pay at a spa, health care center, or independent massage clinic. One thing to be aware of is that time for appointments may be limited.

Can Health Insurance Pay for Massage Therapy?

As more and more people turn to massage for improved health, well-being, and even coping with injury, more health insurance providers are accepting massage therapy as part of treatment costs. Each health insurance provider is different, but many do consider massage therapy as an eligible benefit. You will need to submit paperwork such as receipts of massage therapy services, along with the massage therapist’s license number to receive reimbursement.

You can also find a massage therapy center or clinic that already accepts different types of health insurance; this can make the reimbursement process much easier, and you will not have to submit extra paperwork to your health insurance provider to review or approve your request.

Using Your Flexible Spending Account for Massage Therapy

Using your flexible spending account (FSA) for massage therapy is another valuable way to keep up with your massage habit. Flexible spending accounts are set up through your health insurance provider to manage costs outside of your standard doctor visits each year. These are generally considered to be ‘un-reimbursed medical expenses,’ and different health insurance providers have different guidelines on what they will accept. In most cases you can claim massage therapy as an un-reimbursed medical expense if it is for treating a specific injury, trauma, or illness. Massage for stress relief, relaxation, or just maintaining good health are usually not reimbursable.

Whether you need massage for physical therapy or stress relief, take advantage of any of these strategies if massage therapy has become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Daniel King is a Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist with more than 7 years experience in the massage and spa industry. To his credit, he has given over 5,000 massages in his lifetime.

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You think of a bicycle Courier may be wasting, Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags tattoo excessive, hair bad smokers, Louis Vuitton Bags but in Paul Helbers Louis Vuitton and his design team opinion, bicycle express is the city "gentleman butterfly", this is their inspiration design a series of smooth, Louis Vuitton Handbags Online the principle of aerodynamics sports attire. Ah, this is fashionable romance.

Each a classic and the

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Each a classic and the famous brand, may be from it's so many enduring star products, Louis Vuitton Outlet Store like the Louis vuitton Monogram and Speedy. And when the classic meet, Louis Vuitton Bags Sale takes its essence with again and create, it is beyond the classic on new fashion, this is a brand unremitting enterprising spirit of innovation place, Louis Vuitton Cheap also is it to the top of fashion the fundamental. We are a beautiful mysterious "journey of the covenant" micro movie saw Speedy Monogram Empreinte figure. The perfect quality of a material, Louis Vuitton Women elegant model, fine detail everywhere embodies the essence of classic!

JimmyChoo has become a very

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JimmyChoo has become a very comprehensive and fashionable life brand. Ladies shoes series is still the core of brand products, Jimmy Choo High Heels in addition to the handbag, small leather goods, scarves, sun glasses, glasses, belt, perfume and man shoes series etc. Jimmy Choo Sale The group's two creative director SandraChoi and SimonHolloway also to brand development into one of the world's most attention is one of the noble fashion brand as the goal, Jimmy Choo Outlet Store has been personally brand design direction, and strive to perfect.
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Originally Louis vuitton

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Originally Louis vuitton Monogram popular lies in its superb technology and durable materials, Louis Vuitton Outlet Online me than leather as durable canvas, even more has the toughness, followed by Designer Handbags Store will follow up a victory after launch of the new product Monogram Empreinte series, it was his classic Monogram for inspiration, Discount Louis Vuitton Sale selected calf embossing and become, in addition to reflect on leather soft handle, and applied the new leather satin polishing, suture, LV Bag thong dyeing technology, the perfect foil noble brand lineage

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